2014 Spring Fling Pub Crawl

Spring Fling is here, and it’s time to crawl.  A mere 25 bones for a T-shirt, 2 kegs O’ beer, and other drinks as we migrate around downtown FoCo.  Contact Blinker or Word to reserve your spot.  Bring others.   Ca-Caw!

Fort Collins Rugby Team Spearheading a Fundraising Drive for 2004 Fire Season

Fort Collins Rugby Team Spearheading a Fundraising Drive for 2004 Fire Season

The local Fort Collins Rugby Club (FCRC) would like to offer to help those that help in keeping our state lush and beautiful. The Spring, Summer and Fall season of 2004 is going to be another dry hot season for the state of Colorado. Realizing the danger of fires again and the importance of local and visiting firefighters, FCRC would like to raise money to support the needs of these hard working men and women. A program has been set up to collect money that will be used to purchase bottled water, food, lodging and other needs. This is an opportunity for both private and business’s to get involved by donating any amount that will help and thank these dedicated firefighters all the way through the dry season.

We, as a community has watched in anticipation as firefighters fight some of the largest wild fires in our states history. Now we can show our support by helping in raising money to purchase items that can be used or needed while they are working so diligently in our communities. FCRC would like to encourage both private and business, in the Larimer and surrounding counties, to get in touch and commit to an amount that you would like to donate. The money will not be collected at this time, but when the time is needed a Rugby player will be in touch to collect the pre-determined amount. You will also be told to what your money is going to purchase and to what firefighting team it’s going to. As a team we would like to keep this program running all the way through the dry season.
For more information or to commit to a donated amount please contact Terje Whitmore, President (FCRC), at (970) 226-1420 or email Please be ready to give your private or business name and contact phone number along with an amount. Thank you.


Dec. 17th, 2009 – Tony’s for Tots – NoCo Rugby Pub Crawl

Thursday, December 17th, 2009
Northern Colorado Rugby & Tony’s want to Invite you to Help the Children in Need this Year

tonys restaurant and lounge

tonys restaurant and lounge

Tony’s for Tots
Pub Crawl

We all look forward to giving and receiving gifts from loved ones but this year we want to help those less fortunate. This year we get to play Santa and give back to our wonderful community, we want to make sure that there are more smiles on children’s faces this Holiday Season.

xmaslogo-clearEvery participant in the Tony’s for Tots Pub Crawl must bring a toy for a boy & girl to put under a huge tree at Tony’s. We are working with Santa Cops to make sure that every little boy and girl in our community has something to look forward to this year!

Each participant will get a shirt or hat and a free drink (choice of the supporting bar) at each bar that we go to. To cap the night off we will be having a “Sexy Mrs. Claus contest” at the end of the night, because we all need to stay a little warm this holiday season.



When – Thursday, December 17th, 2009
Start Time – 8pm

Starting Bar – Tony’s

Cost – $20 per person + Toy(s) Donation
Dress – Santa Clause / Mrs. Clause

Happy Holidays
from Northern Colorado Rugby

Nov 19th, 2009 – The Turkey Walk – NoCo Rugby Pub Crawl

The Turkey Walk – NoCo Rugby Pub Crawl

Northern Colorado Rugby wants to Invite you to Help Feed the Needy this Thanksgiving

flamingologo-smallFor every participant in the Turkey Walk Pub Crawl we will donate a Thanksgiving dinner or turkey to those families that are in need this year.

Each participant will get a shirt and a free drink (choice of the supporting bar) at each bar that we go to. So if you want to come out and have a good time with us while giving back this holiday season, then put on your crawling boots!

The more shirts that we sell the more donated dinners we will get for those that don’t have the money to buy a nice dinner this Thanksgiving. This is a chance to have fun with a bunch of great guys and gals while at the same time giving back to those in need.


When – Thursday, November 19
Start Time – 8pm

Starting Bar – East Coast

Cost – $25 per person
Dress – Pilgrims & Indians
Also, get ready for our next pub crawl in December
Tony’s for Tots

National Kidney Foundation – 2009 Loveland Walk

As many of you know my mom has fought with Kidney failure for many years and is currently on dialysis awaiting another Kidney. This year my sister and I are participating in the National Kidney Walk on October 4th, on her behalf. I have registered under my team name of Northern Colorado Rugby. If anyone is interested in joining us for the walk or donating any money toward our cause I have posted a link below! This means a lot to me and my family. All donations go directly to the National Kidney Foundation.

Click here for the team’s page.

I also want to make sure to thank the team for allowing me to represent us for this event! I will not disappoint you, I promise! If you might be free that day it would be great to have anyone join us. Registration is free but the support means the world! Thanks again!

Eric Phillips


Please help us support Windsor’s tornado victims

Please help us support Windsor’s tornado victims

Donate Here

Donate $20

Get a free T-Shirt with each* $20 donated through this button



*(Multiple shirts can be added by updating quantity on paypals purchase page) **(Organization name if applicable, shirt sizes for multiple shirts)
(shirt sizes SM, M, L, XL, XL)


Donate any amount

(T-shirt is only included with the previous $20 donation button)



There are a lot of reasons why us as men and women play the game of rugby, some of us have that aggression streak, for some it’s to stay or get back in shape, for a lot of us it’s the passion of combat and the art of going to war on the pitch…but for all of us it’s the camaraderie of knowing that each and every player on or off the pitch will someway help me as a rugby player. We all have a family of thousands that we can count on in a time of need whether it’s just a beer or a place to stay while out of town and on tour.

This is a call out to all those that have accepted your fellow ruggers as family. This last month two of your fellow rugby players have taken a huge loss to the elements of Mother Nature. Last month a tornado tore through the small town of Windsor, CO. and in its path it caused a lot of destruction to two rugby players’ houses. To show support for these two players and their families Fort Collins Rugby has designed a shirt that reflects the passion for the sport of rugby as well as showing the friendship that we carry as rugby players. We are selling these shirts for $20 and encourage all rugby players to get involved to show support for your fellow athletes. These are players that you might meet across the pitch or share a beer with while singing the songs that we all love. All the shirt sales will go back to these players and their families.

Our goal is to sell 500 shirts. While insurance is going to help, it will not take care of all the losses that the families have lost especially the property that has personal and sentimental value. Though money won’t bring back those losses it will give the families a chance to take a breath and to relax a little. Ruggers this is a chance for us to show our support and love for not only the best game in the world but the greatest friends we all could ask for.

Thanks for all your help and support. For large orders order please contact Terje and he will make sure to send out all the shirts to you and your team. (There is no shipping charge)

Terje S. Whitmore
Phone: (970) 988-2191


2007 Fort Collins Annual Awards Banquet

January 11th, 2008

2007 Fort Collins Annual Awards Banquet


The Armadillo
354 Walnut St.
970 493-4440 Date:
Friday, January 11th Time:
6:00pm – 10:00pm Cost:
25$ Per Person

It is time once again to get together as a team and a family to celebrate and honor all the players and supporters that follow the wonderful sport of Rugby.

This is a formal banquet, so please so up in you finest attire. (Men – Suit & Tie)(Women – Dresses)
Please email Chris Jessen( or call him at 566-1839 to RSVP.

Please consider your votes, the following catagories are this years awards:

  1. Most valuable back
  2. Most Valuable Forward
  3. Rookie of the year
  4. Lady bird award (girly man)
  5. Tool Award
  6. Most inspirational Player
  7. Mac Daddy ( New Award for the ladies Man)
  8. Did you see me
  9. Coaches Awards
  10. Biggest Blooper
from Last Year


May 12th, 2007 – Spring Migration – Vacationing

Fort Collins Rugby Club

Annual Flamingo Spring Migration

May 12th, 2007

FortRugby’s Men’s team will be hosting the Colorado Springs Bears for the Annual Flamingo Spring Migration. This celebration of rugby will include visits to Sponsor Bars in Old Town Fort Collins

Flamingo Spring Migration
Theme: Vacationing
Date: May 12, 2007
Time: 8:00pm
Location: Old Town Fort Collins
Cost: TBD

FCRFC vs. Colorado Springs
Kick-off: 2:00 PM
Pitch Location:Greenbriar Park

Game kicks off following the
Colorado Youth Rugby Playoffs.
Come early to support our future players!

For more info, contact:
Chris Jessen: